Emerging Designer to Watch: Aleks Susak

Launching a brand may seem like the toughest task around, but Aleks Susak made it seem effortless. On Wednesday, she debut her Spring/Summer 2015 collection to a room filled with leading industry professionals, media as well as notable personalities.

The evening started off with a lovely cocktail party in this raw looking space–almost like a blank canvas ready to be painted–which later on transformed into a runway show like no other.


Courtesy of George Pimentel Photography

The collection was complete with beautifully hand painted separates that were heavily inspired by the deigns of nature.

” I really love some of the natural colours that appear with certain animals; the butterfly and the peacock, which are very prominent in this collection,” says Susak. 

Susak collaborates with her mother, who is an artist, on the hand-painting aspect of the line.

“Certain motifs that were in the collection were printed on different items because it’s different when its on a skirt; different when it’s on the back of a dress. It just says something, it makes a different statement every time.”

Spoken like a true designer. We hope to see more from her in the future seasons to come!