Closet Confessions: Ugly Things

Over time, our choice in fashion changes. You grow up, you begin to hate the things you once loved and now, you’re obsessed with monochrome to the point where colour is an absolute no in your books. “I’d buy it if it was in black” is your life motto. Obviously I’m talking about myself, but you get the point.

After cleaning out my closet the other day, I realized that my taste in clothing and accessories is constantly changing. Some may think that’s a good thing, but I became a little worried since I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe every season. I came across items I bought just this past spring that I totally hate now–mostly because of the abundance of colour.

My problem is that I’m an impulse buyer. If I like something, I’ll purchase it immediately with the fear of the item selling out–which happens to me all the time. Especially at Zara. This is a terrible habit, I’m aware. No need to tell me twice. But I just can’t help it. There are so many pretty things out there that I want.

Kenny also faces this problem. So we got together to discuss this issue and we came to a conclusion. Most of the items we now hate were bought during a sale. The idea of saving an x percentage off an item triggers the brain into convincing you that you absolutely need this because it’s a great deal and you’ll regret it if you don’t get it right this second. Basically we’re doomed for life!

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this video. Let us know if you guys have things in your closet that you once loved but now hate!

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