The Making Of My Custom Bite Beauty Lipstick

If you haven’t heard of the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, then I suggest you get acquainted ASAP. In short, it’s Bite Beauty’s customizable lipstick program – yes, you get to make your own lipstick. Obviously I had to go and check it out for myself. Here’s a run down of my experience.

Upon arrival, I was paired with a Lip Lab artist named Bradlee. I told him I was looking for the perfect pink shade for summer so he quickly whipped up a color for me with a matte finish.

It was exactly what I was looking for but then, he said he’d create a shade he feels would work even better. So I let him and a few minutes later, I found myself picking his shade over mine.

After picking my shade, Bradlee mixed the color, finish and a violet scent by melting it, and then froze it in this moulder. Within minutes, it was ready.

He even monogrammed the cap for me and wrapped it up all nicely!

This would be a great gift option for birthdays, Christmas or even as a bridal shower event.

Currently, there are three lip lab locations: Toronto, New York and San Fransisco.