Harry Potter Primark Collection

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and so I just couldn’t resist buying something from Primark‘s latest collection during my recent trip to London.

I have to say, I was expecting this line to be cheesy but was surprised at how tasteful and affordable it was. Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s a total sucker for anything Harry Potter related.

I picked up this adorable pinstripe sleep shirt that looks a little oversized because, well, they only had it in large and I just had to have it. Paired with knee-high platform 9 3/4 socks (and round glasses that look exactly like Harry’s), it’s the perfect look for cosy winter days.

I especially love the rose gold detail on the sleeve that represent all the houses at Hogwarts.

I also picked up a pillow and ALL of the socks from this collection, including these knee-high ones.