Travel Log: Is Paris Overrated?

I had been dreaming of going to Paris for as long as I can remember and it finally happened. I booked a train ticket from London and arrived in the city of light within 2 hours. In my mind, Paris was this magical, romantic place and while it was quite beautiful, it left me feeling unfulfilled.

You all will probably think I’m completely nuts but hear me out. Aside from sightseeing, shopping and eating all the pastries (which was the highlight of my trip), there isn’t much more to Paris. I didn’t come back feeling like I wanted to go back. When I first visited London in the summer 2017, I couldn’t wait to visit again. So much so, I ended up moving!

Despite my disappointment, I wanted to share some highlights from my trip!

Eiffel Tower

When in Paris, visiting the Eiffel Tower is a must. I skipped going up the actual tower because the lineups were insane and I feel like the best view is the tower itself, which can been seen from several parts of the city for free.


This was probably my favourite part of Paris. Along with a stunning view of the city, it’s got this charming feel to it as you walk up to the top, filled with cute little cafes and bakeries.

Tip: the climb up is quite long so be sure to wear your most comfortable shoes.

The Louvre

Another tourist attraction with long lineups! I didn’t go to the actual museum due to lack of time but it was a stunning spot to take photos.

Jardin du Luxembourg

If you love palaces with stunning gardens, then the Luxembourg garden is a must. It was quite cold in Paris but luckily, the flowers were still in tact.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Seriously the most stunning piece of architecture with an equally impressive interior. Couldn’t take photos inside so you’ll just have to take my word for it and visit it for yourself.

Le Marais

A quirky neighbourhood in Paris with some of the best food spots. I picked up this freshly baked raisin bread that was consumed almost immediately. If there’s one thing Paris does well, it’s baked goods.