Polène | Numéro Six

One of the main reasons I wanted to visit Paris was so I could check out this handbag store I have been swooning over on Instagram for the past year. Polène, a leather goods brand, makes the most beautiful products that are clean and minimal in design with a unique look that will stand the test of time.

I had a really tough time deciding on which bag to buy. Originally, I went with the intention of getting the Numéro un mini in terre de seine, but ended up picking up the Numéro Six – Édition Noir Crocodile purse instead. I’m absolutely in love with its curves, and the fact that it’s so tiny. And it can fit an iPhone 8 plus, which was the real selling point for me.

I also want to take this moment and talk about how amazing the customer service was in-store. The bag was out of stock and I was heading back to London that same evening and so the sales woman said a shipment would be coming in around noon and that if I come back around that time, it would be ready for me. So I hung out around the area, grabbed some lunch and then went back to the shop and picked it up. This experience alone would make me want to go back and shop more, which I will perhaps in the summer time.