New Year, Same Me

Looking back at 2018, it’s safe to say it was a whirlwind of a year filled with challenges, risks and growth – both personally and professionally. The highlight was, of course, my life altering move to London.

Having lived here for four months now, I’m finally beginning to feel settled. With that being said, it hasn’t been the easiest being away from my family and friends. Luckily, my sisters came to visit me for Christmas and NYE, which has put me in a much better mood and excited for the new year ahead.

2019 is going to be epic. I can feel it. My goal is to travel as much as I can – and I will definitely be sharing all my adventures here with you all. First up, I’m headed to Brussels with my friend Natasha in a couple of weeks for the weekend. Why Brussels of all places? Well, the train ticket was super cheap and because waffles, chocolate, fries…need I say more? Apparently Belgium is the country that founded French Fries, but because it was in a city on the borderline of France, the French somehow took the name. Needless to say, I will be eating my way through Brussels so stay tuned…

One of my other goals for this year is to really cut down on my daily social media usage. Being a social media editor and blogger, it’s tough to tune out but I’m really going to try. I end up spending countless hours a week scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, watching what people are up to while I could be catching up with friends or reading. Speaking of which, I want to read more this year. Now that I’m finally settled in to my life in London, I want to utilize my time by getting through the books I’ve already started collecting.

Oh, and I’ve also signed up for the gym. Call me basic but I need to get back into shape simply because I find myself easily out of breath when I climb just three flights of stairs. THIS should not happen. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful year filled with happiness, success and love.