2020: The Year Of Adapting

This past year has been a rollercoaster to say the least. With a global pandemic that has completely altered the way we live, plan and work – it has been an eye opening year. But it has made me appreciate the little things more than I ever had before.

The start of 2020 for me began with me making the decision to leave my job at Dezeen to pursue a role that involved more writing and creativity. Unfortunately, I was not successful in finding a position since Covid-19 caused a lockdown across the globe. Luckily, I had some money saved to help pay for my day-to-day life while I was living in London. There were so many uncertainties and all I could really do is live life one day at a time and hope that things would become more clear. They didn’t.

By July, I knew I had to make the tough decision to leave my life behind in London and move back home to Canada. I was completely heartbroken to have been forced to leave a place I love – but most importantly, the man I love. At the time I  felt completely hopeless and defeated by something I really didn’t have much control over. I cried everyday, several times a day, until the day I hopped on the plane to YYZ. Not having a job and being in a long distance relationship were two things I knew were going to be tough – even more so because of how uncertain everything was. 

With that being said, the move proved to be surprisingly good for me. Reconnecting with my friends and family really helped keep me sane while in a long distance relationship. I focused my energy on finding a job but there weren’t many I was excited about. So I decided to go freelance and be my own boss. I managed to get two clients, one of which has allowed me to work on a project from scratch that I cannot wait to share with everyone once it’s been pushed live in the new year. I get to write more and create content that I’m proud of and excited about.

Professionally, I felt satisfied and the only thing missing was being reunited with the love of my life. Luckily, when Canada announced that non-married couples can visit, I jumped at the opportunity. He was able to travel to Canada so we had a spontaneous wedding to ensure that we would’t be separated again. This shocked a lot of people since we didn’t really announce our plans, but it felt so right in the moment. Every decision that I’ve made from my heart has always been the right one, so I knew this one would be too. 

A year that started off as completely hopeless really ended on a high note for me and I am beyond grateful for that. What I’ve learned through the many many low points is that it’s ok to be sad, angry, to cry…to feel. It’s so important to let those emotions out, even if they appear at random moments. I was a wreck this past year and am now, for the first time, at peace.