The Best and Most Bizarre Beauty Looks from Couture

Another season of couture shows is behind us, leaving us in awe of some of the most beautiful designs created by the biggest designers paired with highly creative beauty looks that deserve some attention.

Here are some of the best, most unusual, and never-before-seen runway beauty looks.

Gigantic Fur Scrunchies

beauty2I don’t know about you, but I would totally try to rock this look. Really gives it that extra something to a simple style. And besides, who doesn’t love fur?

Bedazzled Scuba Mask

MTE4MDAzNDE2OTcyNzU2NDk0If I were to ever go scuba diving, I would want this mask. Tres chic!

Glitter Galore

beaut1I personally love anything glittery and sparkly but this is taking body glitter to the extreme!

Sequined Boy Hat 

MTE4MDAzNDE2OTcyODIyMDMwOBSESSED with Chanel’s beauty look. The hair, makeup and the cute boy hat is perfection. Love it!

Beads, Beads, & Beads!

beauty3All I have to say about this look is that it should never leave this runway. Looks wicked cool from the front but not loving the party in the back.

Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

MTIxNDI3Mjk0MjA0MzY0MzAxCan we just ignore this bizarre look and focus in on the beauty that is his (faux) lashes! Really brings out the colour in his eyes.

A Chanel Couture Gallery

Instead of writing a detailed review about the Chanel Couture Fashion Show in Paris, I’m gonna sum it up in one sentence followed by an array of photographs from the collection itself. Sentence: It was one of the chicest, most pared-back collections yet; despite the 17oo’s bling and ’80s boy band references.

















Review: Dior Haute Couture Fall 2014

christian-dior-couture-fall-2014-04_165309718580Raf Simons presented a Dior couture collection where archival history was strongly present at Paris Couture Fashion Week. Think back to the court of Marie Antoinette with a glance at the early 1900’s; from embroidered silk frock coats to sweeping ball skirts, the line is fit for the modern-day princess.

The lightness of the ballet-length ball dresses wafted, including ones featuring panniers. The frock coats were worn over strict black trousers and tops. Even details of couture that can often feel like dead weight were lightly worn on the strictly icy pastel palette–from palest blush and hydrangea-green to powder blue.

Simons made it evident that he is determined to modernize and streamline the Dior client.

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