Happy New Year!

In with the new and out with the old–today marks the last day of 2014 and I plan on spending it with some of my favorite people while dressed in a rather fancy ensemble. View Post

I Have Nothing to Wear

You know when you walk into a store and your eyes latch onto an item that just resonates with you instantly, and you try to resist it by looking at other things but you still have that image in the back of your mind throughout your entire shopping experience? Well that happened to me on a Wednesday afternoon when I walked into Zara.

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Closet Confessions: Ugly Things

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Something Borrowed, From Kenny

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly gloomy and dull, which I love because sunshine is just awkward when it’s cold out. Well, it is for me anyway. Especially cause I own a very monochromatic wardrobe, which I’m totally okay with because I find colour to be quite dull. Makes no sense, right? That’s cause you can’t see inside my mind. View Post

Fashion Haul: Top notch tops for summer

girls-shopping-istockhires3Summertime is the one season where I cut down on my shopping because a) it only lasts about three months here in Toronto, and b) I don’t like colour so why spend my limited funds on things I’ll probably never wear again. View Post