WMCFW: Mackage Fall 2014


Photo Credit: George Pimentel

Fashion week is always super busy for me–even more so this season since I intern at FLARE. I’ve found myself not enjoying fashion shows as much I did when I first started attending them. I mean, when you’re working full time and adding a few extra hours of show viewings with basically no time to eat, it becomes exhausting and you can’t wait for it to be over.

The third day of fashion week had the biggest lineup of runway shows: Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh and my favorite, Mackage.

I didn’t get invites to the first two but was lucky to get tickets–and seats–to the highly popular Mackage runway show. I caught up with the designers Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan backstage before the show to talk inspiration and upcoming collaborations.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

Elisa: I think the inspiration is definitely the cold weather that we’ve been having. We decided to create a winter warrior and show how you transition from fall to the dead of -20 we’ve been getting.

Eran: We made sure that our coats are not only fashion but they are also warm.

Elisa: There’s a lot of mixing of textures and layering. We have a coat that has knit, leather, lightweight down, and wool; so four textures in one coat. It’s all about layering and making sure that you look amazing because a coat is not a commodity, it is your outfit.

Who is the Mackage girl?

Elisa: She’s effortlessly cool, doesn’t try too hard. She likes to throw things together but she really cares about her silhouette; making sure that she looks good without trying too hard. It has to be easy, no fuss.

Where do you see your brand five years from now?

Eran: We’ve started handbags, this is the third season. Hopefully in five years we’ll have shoes also.

Elisa: The idea is really to create a lifestyle brand so eventually we want it to become that.

Is there anyone you hope to collaborate with?

Eran: We have a really cool collaboration coming this fall…but we can’t say with who.

Elisa: This fall or next spring. Depends on how fast we can work.

What do you do on your down time?

 Elisa: It depends. I have two little boys so I try and spend time with my family because we’re always travelling. There’s always something to do so when I actually have some time off, I stay at home.

Eran: We pretty much design all the time. When we travel, we design a lot. We get very inspired when we travel.

Elisa: We’re workaholics. That’s the problem.