Something Borrowed, From Kenny

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly gloomy and dull, which I love because sunshine is just awkward when it’s cold out. Well, it is for me anyway. Especially cause I own a very monochromatic wardrobe, which I’m totally okay with because I find colour to be quite dull. Makes no sense, right? That’s cause you can’t see inside my mind.

OOTD Johnny Ramone

Wearing: Urban Outfitters T-Shirt | Forever 21 Shorts | Zara Boots | Aritzia Sweater

I was at Kenny’s house earlier this week and we were working on future content for Vita & Moda (get excited!!!) and so I decided I wanted to do a quick #ootd shoot. I had a coat on that didn’t match my ensemble–it’s grey–and so I asked if I could borrow a sweater to throw over, just to add a little “colour” you people seem to love so much. And also because it was raining and super windy out and I just wasn’t in the mood to be posing whilst slowly shivering to death. Hence why I could never be a model. To high maintenance for that biz. Also because I’m not a very good poser/have terrible, terrible posture. (See above pictures for proof)

But I’m working on the posture thing. It’s a serious problem.

Anyway, onto my love for overgrown things. It’s the one trend that seems to be really sticking, which I am super happy about because not only is it super comfortable, it looks great on everyone! You just can’t go wrong with an overgrown item, unless of course you decide to dress head-to-toe in clothing that just swallows you whole which then results to you looking like a hobo. Not that there’s anything wrong with hobos, it just doesn’t look very chic. Well in my opinion but who am I to judge, right? (I’ve been watching too much fashion police you guys! #RIPJoanRivers)

Well, that’s all from me. Au revoir!