My Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Music Video

This morning, Yahoo effed up big time by leaking Taylor Swift’s new music video for “Blank Space”–it was supposed to premier November 11th (tomorrow!),  on Good Morning America. 

And then this afternoon, Taylor herself officially released it on Twitter. So much for a grand presentation, right?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of her latest album, 1989 at all. Which is saying a lot because I have been to all her concerts, own all her CD’s–including this one– and her concert DVDs. Basically, I used to be a hardcore Swifty until she broke my heart with this “Welcome to New York” nonsense.

I do however love the song “Blank Space” (as well as “Clean” and “Wildest Dreams”, but that’s it).

So here’s what I think of the video. It’s a bit extreme, yes. But hilarious at the same time because she’s basically playing a parody of herself as this crazy-in-love, obsessive superstar–which she’s not, right?

I also love her looks in this video. The black lingerie is to die for, as is the gorgeous black gown she is wearing paired with Christian Louboutins.

P.S. The male model starring as her love interest is supermodel Sean O’Pry in case you were wondering.