I Bought Sweatpants

The inevitable has happened–I purchased a pair of sweatpants. If you know me personally, you’re fully aware of my feelings towards them. (This particular article of clothing can burn in hell for all I care.) Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme but my sentiments are accurate. And I have my reasoning, but I rather not get into that right now because it’ll just result in a long rant no one really wants to hear. I will however share with you all my decision behind this purchase.


So what made me splurge (not really) on this item? It was on sale so I tried them on and they looked really cute. My sister and my friend both thought they were really cute, so I just bought them. Yes I’m an impulse buyer, sue me!

I solely purchased them with the idea of wearing them around the house. I mean, I wouldn’t be caught dead in public with these. But I styled them so I can share this shocking news with you all. I still hate sweatpants, but I guess they’re okay to be worn in the privacy of your home where no one important can see/judge you.


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