#PFW: The Best Looks

That’s a wrap for fashion month! Ending off in Paris is the best because not only is it the longest week of fashion shows–saving the best for last–but it’s also my favorite. There’s just something about Parisian style that makes everyone swoon. So without further ado, here are my tops picks from the week!


The coats in Paris were by far the most magnificent! I just love the fluidity and the effortless vibe they each portrayed–regardless of colour, fabric or pattern used. The little Miu Miu number has made a special place in my heart!


ALL of these dresses were jaw dropping to perfection. Those little black dresses at Stella McCartney reminisced the look for Coco Chanel.

Structured & Layered Ensembles

When it comes to trousers and a top, it’s the most minimal pairing and the most stylish in my opinion. I think John Galliano did it best with copper-tone, wide leg pants paired with a sweater vest and a simple black blouse.


Chanel was just a dream–hence why it needed its own slideshow. Not only were the clothes incredible, the accessories seriously have me coveting. I absolutely need those shoes!

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