All That Sparkle For Christmas

This may come as a shock considering my style is quite minimal, but I love sparkles – and glitter and sequins, too! Instead of donning colourful hues, I prefer to play with texture. So, it was only fitting I put together a showstopping look for the holidays.

Dress, Zara; Stilettos, Aldo.

Instead of the traditional red and green, I opted for a mustard dress with a frill neckline detail and subtle sparkle. Originally, I wore this dress to a wedding but it’s good for any occasion really. Sunday brunch, perhaps?

Side note: I have always wanted to wear a ball gown to brunch and I’m going to do it one day. Stay tuned…



Anyway, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate, a joyous and relaxing holiday season!



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