Elie Saab Does Hollywood-Glam For Spring Couture

The verdict on Elie Saab’s spring 2017 haute couture line? Pretty. Really pretty. Can you expect anything less? The king of red carpets just knows his way around beautiful evening wear, and the importance of sleeves that are fully integrated into the total design of any given look.


The show started with belted satin frocks in soft blues and peaches that had an Audrey Hepburn-esque look to them. Only these were done to be more sultry.



Then came looks presenting a range filled with intricate embroidery, luxe fabrics, and high-shine embellishment, all rendered in rich shades of blue and gold.


For the more modest clientele, formal looks with sleeves, pants, and covered décolletage was a pleasant surprise and done beautifully, of course.



Nude dresses may have become passé but Saab could care less. There were enough sheer options with artfully and strategically placed beading designed to emphasize and de-emphasize different areas of the body. Looks like the Oscar figurine won’t be the only thing that shines at this year’s Academy Awards.


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