Valentino Keeps It Understated For Spring 2017 Couture

The purpose of haute couture is to make women dream, as cliché as that sounds. Hence why most brands take embellishments, glitter, lace, etc. up a notch to create elaborate pieces that results in instant love.



Pierpaolo Piccioli, however, showcased dreaming in a different sense for his first solo couture outing at Valentino. One that was understated yet fit for Roman and Greek goddesses. Think flowy-but-shapeless silhouettes and muted colors.



The details were still ornate thanks to knife-pleating, tight braiding and floral appliqués.


Beyond a flash of red or a smattering of ruffles, the overall effect was kept subtle. But it did the trick. It made you dream.


2 thoughts on “Valentino Keeps It Understated For Spring 2017 Couture

  1. I never thought that knife-pleats would make a fabric into a grand dress! Yes, you are right, as cliché it maybe, this collection does make my dream! Especially because of the way monochromatic scheme brought forth the luxury of the dresses. It has done the trick!

    You write very well Sabina! Less words that make quite an impact! I have to learn this art from you!! Loved this article!


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