All About That Gingham

It’s no secret that my favourite Disney princess is Belle, and with the release of the live action version of Beauty and the Beast this year, her effortless sense of style has had quite the impact on my wardrobe this summer.

For one, I’ve really been digging yellow this season which isn’t typically my go-to choice of colour. Neither is the gingham print for that matter. But when the two are paired in a marriage, it’s magic.

This two-piece ensemble from Zara stole my heart the minute I tried it on in the change room. It can easily be dressed up or down, and the individual pieces are totally interchangeable.

I paired this look with studded ballet flats, round sunnies, a navy blue purse for contrast, and wavy hair thanks to my handy HSI Professional curling wand.

Photography by Ruben Afonso


9 thoughts on “All About That Gingham

    1. Thanks so much! And I can’t even take credit for that pink wall…all thanks to my brilliant photographer. Check out his instagram: @giantruben


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