Review: Glossier

Since expanding its shipping to Canada this past summer, everyone is talking about Glossier. But is it worth the hype?

Like any makeup and skincare brand, it really does vary based on your skin type and preference. For me, some products were a hit while others, a total miss. Here is my review on the products that I’ve tried from the most talk about brand.

Balm Dot Com 

I am a total sucker for lip balm so obviously this was my very first purchase from Glossier. I got it in the Cherry and am completely obsessed. But it’s more than just a lip balm…it’s a universal skin-salve which makes it all the more desirable. Also, the scent is to die for.

Boy Brow 

I have never in my life filled in my brows so, I started by purchasing the Boy Brow in clear just so I could test it out without looking like a total freak. It’s a great product and holds your brows the way you want them to. When Glossier opened up a pop-up in Toronto during TIFF, I went in and tried out the Boy Brow in black and fell in love. It fills in the gaps without it looking drawn-in or fake. So if you have dark brows and want a more natural look, I’d highly recommend this product.

Cloud Paint 

Finding the perfect blush is a tough task, especially when you’re someone like me who’s super picky when it comes to formula. I picked up the cream blush in the shade Dusk which has a nice bronzy tint to it. I love the gel-cream formula, and the colour is quite subtle making it perfect for day time and can easily be built up depending on how much blush you require.

Generation G Matte Lipstick 

I’ve been in the market for the perfect coral shade and I finally found it during my visit to the pop-up! I picked up the Generation G lipstick in Zip and I’m going to be honest here, the formula isn’t great. I find it quite drying but once paired with a lip balm underneath, it works well but as a lip tint. So if you’re looking for a matte lipstick, I’d suggest you check out Nars instead.

Priming Moisturizer 

When I placed my first order online, I asked for a sample of the priming moisturizer and I kind of love it. It works amazing under makeup, leaving you with a natural glow. I think I may order it online to really test it out. Stay tuned…