Staycation In London With Point A Hotels

Since I’ve moved to London, my life has been go, go, go. And while I have managed to take some mini trips here and there (check out my Brussels and Paris travel guides), none of them were really that relaxing. Between a full time job, staying active, blogging and maintaining somewhat of a social life, my schedule has been jam packed and so, a staycation was much needed.

Point A Hotels offered me a night stay at their Shoreditch location, and it felt like the perfect opportunity to take a step back from my crazy life, even for one night, and just relax without having to travel somewhere far over the weekend.

The vibe? Cosy! The hotel takes pride in creating small spaces that maximise functionality despite the size of the room. The bed was super comfortable, the location was great (I stayed at the Shoreditch location) and I had a fairly decent view of the city. Oh, and at night, you can play around with the lights to mimic a disco. Don’t believe me? Check out my highlights on Instagram.

Of course, breakfast in bed is a must when you’re taking time to relax. They had an entire spread set up on the ground floor where I picked up my favourite breakfast goodies and climbed back into bed for the remainder of the morning. Can you think of a better way to spend a weekend?