For The Love Of White Denim

It’s been a very busy couple of months in both my personal and professional life. Since Menorca, I have traveled to Lisbon where I decided to just enjoy my holiday without blogging about it, my parents were in town for a week which was lovely but very tiring, and I’ve been flat hunting and am finally moving into my new place next week. Oh, and I’m also getting a little kitten which will 100 per cent make an appearance here at some point, so keep a lookout for that.

But today, I come to you with a brand new look featuring the white denim pants that I’ve been obsessed with all summer long and will transition into the season of pumpkins and ghosts.

white denimWhite denim

To celebrate the final weekend of summer in London, I decided to pair these white denim trousers with a floral top, suede boots and a mini lady bag. It’s a casual look but still dressy enough if you’re in the mood to go for a nice dinner or a cafe date.

I had been on the lookout for a good pair of white denim pants that had a more looser fit to it, but not mom jeans style. These are from Zara and feel like they definitely fit the bill.

white denimwhite denimwhite denim

I honestly didn’t think I’d wear these as much as I have. They’re definitely more of a trendy piece than timeless but I’ll definitely be transitioning them into autumn, which has officially arrived in London this week. It’s still warm but with a gloomy and wet vibe, which I rather enjoy. Perfect for a cottage getaway, which I’ll be doing this weekend in Norfolk with some friends.

White denim