Meet Mabel

My biggest heartbreak was having to give away a kitten I adopted a few years back because my mother was too scared of it. Now that I’ve moved across the world, and recently into a new apartment, I thought it was time I finally welcome one into my life again. I’m beyond excited to introduce you all to my gorgeous girl, Mabel. She’s a grey-brown tabby and is the most playful and loving kitten – although she does enjoy biting fingers and toes when she plays…working on that!


Back Story

Mabel’s mother, Bluebell, is an absolute beauty – which is undoubtedly where she gets her looks from. According to her owner, she’s had over 23 kittens, all who have been fathered by the same black cat who comes and waits for her every day by the kitchen window. Committed, true love still exists!

How did I choose Mabel?

Mabel was born into a litter of four – two tabbies and two black ones. I went to see the litter when they were just three weeks old, so they were still nursing from their mother and couldn’t really walk. At first, I fell in love with a black kitten who crawled onto my lap and fell asleep. I hung around for a few hours, which was a good thing because as Bluebell was feeding and cuddling her kittens, one got away, managed to get under and cushion on the sofa and fell asleep on her back. A little adventure kitten, which Mabel very much is now.

I didn’t want to pick out a kitten right then and there so I decided to choose one a few weeks later when I went to pick one up. The minute I saw them all walking around, I spotted the Mabel right away. Her hind legs had white socks and multi-coloured beans, and she has more black in her than the other tabby.


Mabel is eight weeks now and is adjusting really well into her new home. She litter-trained fairly quickly and I’m teaching her that it’s okay to be cuddled and cradled like a baby once in a while. Considering cats are known as being independent, Mabel is definitely a people person and hangs out with me whenever I’m home.

If anyone has kittens or cats of their own and have any tips on teaching kittens not to bite, let me know in the comments below. Oh, and be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her day-to-day shenanigans!