Styling A Slip Dress For Winter

If there’s one throwback trend that has staying power, it’s the slip dress – and I refuse to pack it away for the winter season. Now you might be thinking it’s fine for an evening event, but I think it has the potential to be worn during the daytime as well. Of course, during the colder months, it could be tricky to style but the key is layering.

slip dress

For this look, I wanted it to be well put together, of course, but also comfortable enough to be worn all day whether you’re at work or out and about, exploring a new city. I decided to layer the iconic piece with a cropped knit sweater underneath and comfortable ankle boots. I wore this outfit during my trip to Amsterdam a few weeks ago and so ensuring I had comfortable footwear was very important.

A mini old-lady bag felt appropriate for this look to give it a more classic touch. And of course, I’ve layered on all the delicate gold jewelry I own.

For a more casual, laid back look, you could easily layer a chunkier sweater over this slip dress, and pair it with some trainers and a backpack, if that’s more your vibe.