Winter Blues

I read a quote the other day that really stuck with me: “One life. Just one. Why aren’t we running like we’re on fire towards our wildest dreams?” I’ve been in a real rut lately – feeling exhausted, hopeless and can’t seem to concentrate on anything. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just me? The bottom line is that I’m just not happy and there are several reasons for it so, I’ve decided to make some changes come the new year. But more on that later.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a look that commemorates the winter blues featuring shades of blue. Groundbreaking, I know.

chunky knit sweater

Since I moved to London, I’ve really been into denim. Unfortunately, for me, finding jeans that actually fit me properly is a difficult task and so, when I do find the pair, I wear them nonstop.

I ordered these slim-fit jeans on a whim during Zara’s Black Friday sale because they looked cute on the model. They’re a bit big on me around the waist but I kinda love the oversized, baggy look. Very East London, as they call it. Also, these jeans make me look curvier which is cute.

For this look, I paired the jeans with a deep blue sweater, a belt that exudes cowboy vibes, the same boots I’ve been wearing for all of autumn and a soft crossbody bag that isn’t miniature.

Now you’re probably wondering why the sudden change? Well, I was getting really annoyed with having to carry a tote bag with me everywhere I went because my book wouldn’t fit into any of the mini bags I own. Shocker, I know. Anyway, I’ve made the transition and I don’t hate it so that’s a plus.