Little (Leather) Black Dress

The holiday season is officially here and so I thought I’d put together a festive look to celebrate. But after going through my closet, I quickly came to the realization that I own nothing Christmassy at all. Not much of a shock really – red has never been my colour.

Instead, here is an all-black look photographed in front of the Cartier store on Bond Street, which has been transformed with Christmas lights and a giant bow to mimic a wrapped present.

leather black dressleather black dress

Everyone needs a little black (leather) dress, and this little number from Zara has become one of my favourite purchases this winter season. The material is incredibly soft, super comfortable to move around in and is surprisingly warm considering it isn’t even real leather.

Zara also had a leather button-down shirt version of this dress, which I may or may try to snag over Boxing Day!

For this look, I’ve paired the mini leather dress with my Polène Numéro Six bag, a pair of chunky platform leather boots that I’m slowly breaking in and lace tights, which add a bit of feminine flair to an otherwise gothic look.

Now you may think that this look isn’t very festive but truth be told, I think it works. Any look works really, when put in front of a stunning display like this one.

leather black dressleather black dressleather black dress To all those celebrating this season, whether it be Christmas, Hannuka or Kwanzaa, I wish you all a very happy holiday and a safe new year ahead.

leather black dress