Up next, 2020!

I want to start this blog post by saying that 2019 has been one hell of a year and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in such a vibrant city, and for all the travel opportunities I’ve had so far. But most of all, I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve made, meeting the love of my life and for becoming a cat mom to Mabel – the most beautiful and playful cat.

As the year comes to an end, it’s important for us to look back and think about all the positive aspects of life as opposed to the things we weren’t able to accomplish. I realize this can be tricky when we’re constantly on the chase for the next best thing. Social media doesn’t help wither when we’re constantly getting updates from the people around us, which makes it difficult to switch off and be grateful for the little things in life instead of comparing yourself to others. I guess the one thing to remember is that people usually only post about the good things, as opposed to the bad – for the most part anyway.



I’ve never been the type to set resolutions for the new year but this time around, I have just one: to be happy. And the first step in doing that was quitting my job. Obviously that’s not an easy thing to do when you have bills to pay and a kitten to raise, but being unhappy just wasn’t worth the paycheck.

So what’s next for me? Pardon my French but I have no f*cking clue. And truth be told, I am beyond nervous but also ecstatic for change – regardless of whether that means I end up getting my dream job at a Condé Nast publication, or I settle for working at a bookstore. I strongly believe that drastic changes are important in self-improvement and growth, even if they don’t end up working out.

So to put out good vibes into the universe, I’ve styled a look featuring this oversized contrast check suit that is probably one of my favourite pieces I’ve purchased this year. To grunge up this otherwise professional look, I paired the fit with clunky platform boots and a cropped ribbed sweater.

What are you grateful for at this very moment? What are some of your goals for 2020? Let me know in the comments below!