For The Love Of Moody Blooms

While floral prints go hand in hand with the spring and summer seasons, I believe this everlasting trend can be worn year-round. The bright and colourful rendition of the popular pattern is perfect for the warmer months but as the weather cools down, the moodly blooms that grace the racks are glamorous yet still casual.

During the winter months, I prefer my flowers of any variety to bloom against a dark-coloured background – as done here with this frock that I snagged during Zara’s Boxing Day sale. The result: a look that is fuss-free, womanly rather than girlish, and stylish.

For someone who likes to keep things minimal, I’ve always had a great appreciation for the floral print, which has over time made the transition from trend to must-have piece season after season.

If I had to blame one designer for my obsession with the pattern, it would be Erdem. His collaboration with H&M a few years ago showcased several pieces that featured blooms on dark backgrounds, from which I purchased the floral blouse and ball gown.

I’ve kept things simple with this all-black look but pairing the little dress with ankle boots, an old-lady bag, and pearl earrings to complete this classic feminine look.

How do you like your florals? Let me know in the comments below!