The Girl In The Green Dress

Would you be surprised if I told you that my favourite colour is green? Shocking, considering I mostly wear shades of grey, neutrals and a lot of black, but I truly do have a deep-rooted love for the earthy hue. Case in point: I’ve just bought myself a lovely emerald pleated dress from Zara, which I honestly think is a must-have pick this season.

Now you’re probably wondering how a semi-sheer dress be the ideal pick for winter? Well for one, the style of the dress is flattering on all body types. Each season, Zara comes out with this style of dress with different prints, colours and trimmings, and each time, it’s a sell-out. Not to mention, I have several friends, both with and without curves, who have worn this style of dress and it’s always, without a doubt, a hit.

Too sheer for work? You can easily throw a blazer over it for a more formal look or dress it down by pairing it with a cozy knit sweater. And if you work in the creative industry like me, a lacy bra will do.

Here, I’ve gone for a poised girl look, with ankle boots, dainty gold jewelry, and a bold red lip. I love the girly frilly details on the collar, shoulders and wrists of this dress.