Picking The Perfect Wedding Ring Online During Covid

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement or wedding ring, you typically go to a store or a designer’s studio to see it in person. Sadly, I didn’t have that luxury thanks to the global pandemic, nor did I have a normal wedding.

Due to the limitations in place in Toronto/GTA, my wedding took place at home. In attendance was just family. It was perfect. With that being said, getting married wasn’t something that was super important to me, but that quickly changed since I had to leave London after the expiration of my visa. Living in different countries made things tough. Long distance is hard, especially during a global pandemic when nothing is for certain. We knew if we wanted to be together, we would have to make our relationship legal.

After Canada lit the green light on unmarried spouses visiting one another from outside the country, we jumped at the opportunity. Prior to his arrival, we did a lot of ring browsing online. I knew I wanted something unique, not too flashy and preferably made by a Canadian jewelry designer. I had been saving rings on my Pinterest board for years, which is ironic for someone who didn’t even want to marry. That was kind of my saving grace because it narrowed down the brands and styles I was into.

I have always gravitated towards yellow gold and oval-shaped stones in the past so that was a no brainer. One jewelry designer I have always admired is Catbird based out of Brooklyn, New York. I had been following their designs for years and had quite a few of their rings saved.

My favourite was Violette the Swan – one of Catbird’s bestsellers. I just love the look of one centre stone anchored by two wing-shaped diamonds. It’s just so elegant but sadly, the price point of this ring was out of budget.

As much as I like diamonds, coloured stones like a sapphire or emerald have always caught my eye. This one from Melanie Casey is an absolute stunner but they sadly discontinued it. Luckily enough, I found a boutique in Vancouver that combined my love of the Catbird style with a rose cut coloured stone.

The Amelia ring by Evorden, a Vancouver-based jewelry store, was my pick in the end. I was able to book a virtual appointment with Daisy to see the ring. She tried on all the styles of rings I wanted to see, and made suggestions on which wedding band would pair best with this style. I was leaning more towards the green sapphire, initially. But then she showed me this ring with a blue sapphire sourced from Madagascar, and I fell instantly in love.

After the appointment, Daisy emailed me options of stones to pick from, which was a nice personal touch. I obviously went with the darker, smokier blue. I paired this ring with Evorden’s Contour Wedding Band so the rose cut stone sits nicely, without there being an awkward space.

The ring arrived after my actual wedding due to production time and Covid, and I am so in love with it. It’s dainty, unique and I feel comfortable wearing it on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for the perfect ring online, do it without hesitation. So many boutiques are now offering virtual services, which makes the process so much easier. You can also get a ring sizer shipped to your house so you can measure yourself. I ordered one from Brilliant Earth to get my husband’s ring size while he was in quarantine, and it was free of charge. I got sized at Tiffany’s prior to lockdown. The size they recommended felt too snug so I went with the size I that was most comfortable for me.