Best Of Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017 Collections

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I Have Nothing to Wear

You know when you walk into a store and your eyes latch onto an item that just resonates with you instantly, and you try to resist it by looking at other things but you still have that image in the back of your mind throughout your entire shopping experience? Well that happened to me on a Wednesday afternoon when I walked into Zara.

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Trend Alert: The Sheer Skirt

Every season, there’s a trend that can be trouble if not worn in the appropriate manor. Summertime was all about the crop top, which often times wasn’t worn with a high-waist item. This literally made my blood boil.

Tip: If your belly button is showing, you’re not wearing it right.


Left to right: Leigh Lezark, Toni Garrn and Chiara Ferragni at the CR Fashion Book party

This fall, the sheer skirt has made its appearance on several fashion ‘It’ girls–and they all paired it with Bridget Jones style knickers underneath.

This trend is questionable for the rest of us normal folk who aren’t attending high-profile parties or red carpet events on a regular basis. Lets be real, it would be weird to see somebody wearing this ensemble at school or at the mall even. Unless of course you’re working in retail and the company you work for insists on being up to date with its current trends.

I’ve already seen several retailers who have incorporated this trend into their merchandise, but I just don’t know if I’m ready to take on such a big risk. Especially since I’m not attending anything major any time soon. And because its practically winter here in Canada.

Would you wear a sheer skirt with full briefs? Comment below.

P.S. I have one teeny request to those who do decide to take on this trend–don’t try to make it “sexy” by wearing a thong underneath or anything that reveals your butt cheeks. No one needs to see that. In the bedroom for your significant other, sure. But in public? Just don’t do it, okay? Thanks.

My Fall 2014 Wish List

This summer went by so fast–which is insane considering I didn’t do anything. Like, literally. Anyway, fall is two weeks away, and I couldn’t be more excited.

People seem to love summer here in Canada, which I get since 85 per cent of our weather is cold. But I’m personally not a big fan. Yeah, you can wear cute dresses and stuff but I love the colour black. And that seems to be an inappropriate choice of shade in the heat.

Well in two weeks, that’s all gonna change. I’ve been scouring the web for fall items and I am so excited. Here are some (keyword: SOME) of the things that are on top of my list for the upcoming fall season–lots of greys and blacks!


3658203064_1_1_1For those of you who don’t know me on a personal level, I love dressing like a tom-boy. It’s so much more comfortable than having to put on a blouse and skirt each morning. This is just a simpler and much more comfortable way to look chic.

Contrast polo shirt, $49.90, ZARA

Printed jogging trousers, $59.90, ZARA

The Overgrown

fall fashionBigger is always better. That is just a fact of life that we all must come to terms with. Overgrown sweaters and blazers are my go-to items for the fall season. They’re super easy to style, look incredible on and they’re staple pieces. What more do you want?

Oversize knit, $58, Oak + Fort 

Long fleece blazer, $79.90, ZARA


fallchokersI love dainty jewelry, but now that chokers are making a come back, that’s all I’ve been thinking about. And these designs by Lili Claspe are to die for.

Quartz choker, $168, Lili Claspe

Sahara Choker, $198, Lili Claspe


sweater-1-detailed_1Each season I fall in love with a pattern or a print and so this fall, it’s all about the grid. I also love that it’s sheer–perfect for making a subtle statement.

Grid pattern top, $68, Oak + Fort